ATTO XstreamCORE ET 8200 40Gb/s Ethernet (2-Port) Storage Controller

Dual Channel 40Gb Ethernet to 16-port 12Gb SAS/SATA 1U intelligent Bridge, QSFP+, rack mount h/w and dual power supplies included, Supports SSD/HDD and Tape

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Our Price $25,575.00 AUD

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Item Code: ATT00227MPN: XCET-8200-002Brand: ATTOWarranty: 2 yearsWeight(Kg): 0.3 Manufacturers website


ATTO XstreamCORE Storage Controllers enable storage architects to build modular storage solutions with servers running software defined storage software and JBOD, JBOF or RAID Storage. Optimized to take advantage of flash capabilities, XstreamCORE enables sharing of storage while adding under 4 microseconds of latency. Engineered with an open design, XstreamCORE Storage Controllers are storage-independent devices that provide a common set of services and features to storage and offload functions from server CPU, memory, networks and storage fabrics enabling a wide range of use cases while reducing resource utilization and increasing overall performance.

XstreamCORE enables a common set of services and features with extremely low latency and industry leading performance for storage. Engineered with an open design without altering the data path ATTO Storage Controllers keep overall storage solutions flexible without locking users into proprietary hardware implementations. The ATTO Storage Controller is a modular building block with technology that allows SysAdmins to reduce resource load while decoupling storage from server resources. This allows the scale-up of storage utilizing the same server resources or scale-out of servers without tying one technology to the other.

Features XstreamVIEW remote management user interface for configuration, monitoring and management of ATTO’s storage controller products.


The XstreamCORE ET 8200 achieves up to 1.2M 4K IOPS and 6.4GB/s throughput per controller with only 2 microseconds of added latency. XstreamCORE supports Extended Copy (LID1) data mover commands and will offload up to 5.2GB/s of data from CPU, memory, networks and storage fabrics leaving more resources for VMs and applications running on the host. Build solutions with up to 960 SAS SSD/HDD devices behind a pair of controllers and better manage, monitor and utilize this storage with current and future features built into XstreamCORE.

ATTO XstreamCORE Storage Controllers can be tuned for various applications that require common features and services for storage. Contact us to discuss development or co-development of services and features to tightly integrate with your solution.



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