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Our Price $110.00 AUD

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Item Code: AJA00019MPN: AJA-D5DBrand: AJAWeight(Kg): 0.5 Manufacturers website


The AJA D5D Composite / S-Video to SDI Converter converts an analog Composite or S-Video signal to three digital SDI outputs and uses a crystal PLL jitter filter to reduce output jitter. The top one of the two BNC input connectors accepts a Composite signal, and both the top and bottom ones together accept S-Video in two channels. A dip switch will let you assign how the two BNCs should perform. The switch is on the flip side of the converter. Inputs should be Time Base Corrected (TBC). Operation from VTR’s, laser disks, or other devices without TBCs is not recommended.

If the input is 525-line NTSC, the signal will be converted to 525-line 4:2:2 digital. If it’s 625-line PAL, it’ll be converted to 625-line 4:2:2 digital. The 7.5 IRE pedestal for NTSC can be disabled by dip switch. The converter does not clip values below black and above white and decodes the full dynamic range of input video.

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