AWS Elemental and Peplink Encoding and Streaming Wired/4G Bundle – HD

Live video production just got faster and easier with this special bundle package. Set up and stream broadcast-quality video up to 1080p from any location with wired internet or mobile 4G connections. Includes 4 hours of technical assistance to get you up and streaming fast. Exclusive to Digistor.


$3,400.00 AUD

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  • AWS Elemental Link HD

    LINK - HDMI/SDI on-ramp for Elemental Live

    In stock

  • Peplink MAX Transit Duo CAT6 (with PrimeCare)

    A Dual LTE-A Pro Router with two cellular modems and two redundant SIM slots.

    In stock

  • Digistor Pre-Paid Technical Services Credit × 2

    4 hours of expert technical support.

Available to ship within 1 week.


Our Price $3,400.00 AUD

Product Information

Item Code: DIGBUNDLEHDMPN: DIGBUNDLEHDBrand: AWS Elemental, PeplinkWeight(Kg): 2


AWS Elemental Link HD

AWS Elemental Link is a device that connects a live video source, like a camera or video production equipment, to AWS Elemental MediaLive. Link offers a configuration-free, cost-efficient way to securely and reliably transfer video to MediaLive for delivery to viewers. To use the device, you simply connect it to power, Ethernet, and a video source. Then you can control and monitor your AWS Elemental Link device from anywhere you have access to the AWS Management Console. AWS Elemental Link improves the quality and reliability of your live video streams while reducing the cost and complexity of equipment that you need to operate on-premises.

Link HD provides single video up to 1080p at 60 fps to AWS Elemental MediaLive.

Peplink MAX Transit Duo (with PrimeCare)

With a compact form factor, simultaneous dual-band 11ac Wi-Fi, and two embedded LTE modems, the Peplink MAX Transit Duo is ready to deliver fast, reliable connectivity in transportation and public safety deployments. The Max Transit Duo has up to two cellular modems and two redundant SIM slots, allowing you to use up to four different cellular providers for bandwidth bonding.

Digistor Pre-Paid Technical Services

Access Digistor’s Technical Support expertise with 4 hours of expert technical assistance to get you up and streaming quickly and answer any technical questions you have. You can use the 4 hours of assistance at any time.

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

AWS Elemental, Peplink

AWS Elemental Link HD

Weight2 kg
Dimensions12.7 × 10.8 × 3.1 cm

AWS Elemental







Peplink MAX Transit Duo CAT6 (with PrimeCare)

Weight0.5 kg



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