AJA Breakout cable for HD10C2, 13W3 to 3x BNC, 5 foot

HD CABLE 5 Cable supplied with HD10C2 13W3 to 3 x BNC 5 foot

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Our Price $104.50 AUD

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Item Code: AJA00107MPN: AJA-HD-CABLE-5Brand: AJAWarranty: 5 yearsWeight(Kg): 0.5 Manufacturers website


The AJA Breakout Cable for HD10C2 Signal Converter utilizes the 13W3 connector that breaks out to 4 BNC connectors enabling RGBHV (Red Green Blue Horizontal/Vertical) interface. It supports 2 looping HD SDI or Standard SDI connectivity on BNC connectors. Supports HD video signal processing. BNC connectors support 2 looping HD SDI or standard SDI connectivity

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