Kiloview Intercom Server

The Kiloview Intercom Server (KIS) allows 10 terminals (8 devices+2 PC/Mobile Web control)to combine for complete communication while always keeping sync with your video transmission.

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Our Price $363.00 AUD

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Item Code: KIL00077MPN: INTERCOMBrand: Kiloview Manufacturers website


The Kiloview Intercom Server allows 10 terminals(8 devices+2 device’s PC/Mobil web management pages)to be connected for in sync communication. For use with any Kiloview devices or any computer or mobile phone –  you can join the multi-party communication at will.

Simple operational interface

Once you register your device to the intercom server, the intercom server will automatically generate terminal information (terminal name, display name, IP address). Also, you can join the communication through the PC/mobile, an account and password or QR code will be given by the server administrator.

Keep in sync with your video transmission

The intercom can free you from any other extra equipment and it always keeps pace with video production and transmission, which makes it all simple.

Central management

In a voice intercom group, the initial administrator can add, delete and modify all member accounts. The modified content includes account names, passwords, roles (ordinary users, administrators) etc. During a call, the administrator can also control the voice input switch and volume of each member.

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