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Cinema 4D R23 breathes life into characters and animations with outstanding new tools and workflow enhancements. Includes Magic Bullet Looks and updates to UVs, Viewport and integrations. Now combined with Redshift, the worlds first fully GPU-accelerated, biased renderer.


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Our Price (inc GST) $1,540.00

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Cinema 4D Release 23

“Cinema 4D R23 delivers robust advancements to the animation workflows and core technologies that empower 3D artists to create content intuitively and to the highest production standards,” said Dave McGavran, Maxon CEO. “We look forward to debuting all that is creatively possible with R23 alongside innovations from our sister companies Red Giant, Redshift, and partners.”

The next generation of Maxon’s professional 3D software delivers powerful enhancements to its animation and UV workflows, character animation toolset, and the inclusion of Magic Bullet Looks technology. The introduction of the new Scene Nodes system provides a preview of the performance customers can expect in future developments of Cinema 4D. Plugin developers will appreciate the update to Python 3, and creative pipelines will benefit from the inclusion of USD import/export and updates to FBX and OBJ handling.

Cinema 4D R23 Feature Highlights

  • New Character Animation Tools: Includes new Character Solver and Delta Mush workflows as well as a new Pose Manager and Toon/Face Rigs.
  • Animation Workflow: Better Keyframing, Filters for the Timeline and Attributes Manager, and more.
  • UV Workflows: All the powerful UV editing capabilities introduced in Cinema 4D S22 (the subscription-only upgrade) plus new tools geared toward UV workflows for hard-surface models.
  • Magic Bullet Looks Integration: Easily apply one of over 200 preset film looks, import LUTs, or work with individual tools for color correction, film grain, chromatic aberration and much more.
  • Scene Nodes: Scene Nodes allows users to explore massive Distributions and Procedural Modeling in advance of the further Cinema 4D core engine development for optimal creativity and experimentation.


Redshift Fast is not enough – Redshift is not only the world’s fastest renderer but also offers the most features and flexibility among all GPU renderers. Its rich feature set includes ray switches, flexible shading networks, motion blur, AOVs, deep output, layered EXR and much more. Unlike other GPU renderers, Redshift is a biased renderer that enables you to adjust the quality of individual techniques in order to get the best performance/quality balance for your production.

Great Scalability

Render scenes with hundreds of millions of polygons and terabytes of textures. 10s of millions of triangles take up less than 1 GB of VRAM. And thanks to Redshift’s advanced out-of-core paging technology, your scenes can include a virtually unlimited number and size of bitmap textures without your system running out of memory or crashing.


Redshift seamlessly integrates with 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Katana and Maya via plugins. All plugins are included free with all Redshift standalone licenses. Redshift supports popular third-party plugins including Forest Pack (3ds Max), Ornatrix (3ds Max and Maya) and Golaem (Maya), as well as advanced host application features such as MoGraph (Cinema 4D), XGen (Maya) and Houdini’s instancing and Volume and VDB primitives. A Redshift plugin for Blender is in development.

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