Ikan Tourbox Photo and Video Editing Controller (TourTech)

Tourbox Photo and Video Editing Controller (TourTech)

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Our Price $297.00 AUD

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Item Code: IKA02679MPN: TOURBOX-001Brand: IkanWarranty: 1 yearWeight(Kg): 0.9 Manufacturers website


Tourbox Photo and Video Editing Controller (TourTech)

Model: TOURBOX-001

  • The TourBox controller is designed to make photo & video editing faster & easier.
  • Features a knob, wheel, scroller, and multiple buttons, and is designed for use alongside a tablet or mouse.
  • TourBox’s controls can be precisely calibrated for ideal speed, and accuracy.
  • Each button is completely customizable for the creation of personal presets.
  • Compatible with both Windows and macOS.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Designed for use with any editing software: PS, LR, SAI, PR, Davinci Resolve, and much more.


TourBox is the most advanced creative controller for Photoshop, Lightroom, SAI, and other image processing software. It is specifically designed for photographers and designers who want to improve their work efficiency and experience a new state-of-the-art method for editing content. It frees users from endless repetitive tasks such as drawing, editing, and retouching using a new, intuitive approach that is ergonomic and natural. Customize your creativity, simplify inputs, and optimize your work. TourBox is a fully customizable device, users can assign different functions for Photoshop, Lightroom, or SAI. And you can also adapt TourBox to suit any software. Personalize your TourBox to best adapt to your own personal workflow.


No more extra keystrokes or moving back and forth to complete complicated key combinations. TourBox is intuitively designed to work with your mouse and your tablet. Easily and simultaneously control the size, flow, opacity, and hardness of your brush while you work, so that you can stay focused on creativity.


TourBox is specifically designed from a user perspective. The ergonomic hands-on layout provides quick access to commonly used controls, TourBox provides a complete solution for your entire workflow.


TourBox is a fully customizable device. In addition to Photoshop, Lightroom, or PaintTool SAI, our product will further integrate recommended presets for other popular software such as Capture One, Final Cut Pro, Premiere and many others. Of course, you can also adapt any knob, dial, button or even a combination of them to the shortcuts you choose to suit any software. Create your own presets to customize your TourBox to best fit your own personal workflow!


With the Engine Tuning capability, TourBox can provide an incredibly user-friendly experience at all times. All components are carefully calibrated for different functional scenarios. Whether it’s a knob, a roller, or a turntable, each of their rotations is exactly what you expect, and the speed, acceleration, and accuracy are all controlled exactly the way you want. Tourbox’s engine has been turned over a thousand times to make workflows smooth and natural.


Experience hassle-free work with TourBox. With its compact and sturdy design, you can stash and tuck it in your backpack and you are good to go for travel and business trips. With ease of use in mind, TourBox was crafted to incorporate advanced features and controls in a simplified manner, for professionals, enthusiasts and amateurs alike. It only takes a few minutes to master TourBox.


The layout design of TourBox makes shortcuts easy to handle. You can easily switch between all tools of PS, LR, and SAI instantly. Say goodbye to complicated keyboard shortcut combinations, you can master all the shortcuts with just TourBox.


TourBox is ready to use anytime and anywhere. No learning curve. Just plug it in and go, you’ll never want to go back to keyboards. It works with Windows and macOS and the palm-size compact design allows you to take it anywhere easily.


Simple logic and intuitive usability are what we always pursue. For people who struggle with different operational procedures, Tourbox is your ultimate solution. No more complicated procedures and no more distractions, your creativity will be uninterrupted. The updated TourBox version highlights new features such as the D-pad and the side button. Creative tasks with Tourbox are more efficient, accurate and seamless. With TourBox, your creativity is unleashed.


Upon plugging in the Tourbox, you’ll have access to two layout presets for Photoshop and Lightroom. Click below to download additional software presets.

Premiere Preset
Premiere Preset with Tags
Photoshop Preset (Deutsch)
Photoshop Preset 2 (Deutsch)
Final Cut Pro X Preset
Affinity Photo Preset

Shipping Weight (lbs): 1.95
Shipping Dimensions (in): 7.7 x 6.9 x 3.2
Product Dimensions (in): 4.6 x 4 x 2
What’s Included:
1 x Tourbox Editing Controller
1 x USB-C Connecting Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x Carrying Pouch

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