V-Ray 3 Render Node License

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VRay Render Node 3.0 – Universal license for VRay Distributed Rendering or Network Rendering by ChaosGroup

V- Ray is known for its speed and by default uses any resource on your workstation (multi -core CPU or GPU ) for rendering.

Not fast enough? Need more? Don’t worry, with RN you can significantly reduce your render time by using all available power on your network. Use one or more computers servers for rendering a still image or animation.

Distributed Rendering is preferred for rendering a still image , allowing all nodes to participate in the report. The image is divided into “bucket ” and each virtual CPU core (thread) available will be assigned a bucket to make .

Network Rendering is used especially for rendering animation, rendering each node is assigned on a frame. At the end you get a bunch of images in the animation that can be viewed in Pdplayer or imported into your post-production software (Nuke, AE,…).

This not only concerns the final renderings and therefore the V- Ray production engine , but it also relates to rendering via VRayRT CPU mode and same GPU!

To make reports or distributed network, each node rendering must have access to a licensed rendering universal V -Ray Render Nodes 3.0.

1 node = 1 machine unlimited number of core / thread or number of graphics cards available.