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V-Ray Education Collection (Student and Teacher)

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With the V-Ray Education collection you now have the ultimate toolset for 3D rendering and fluid dynamics at your fingertips. As it offers access to multiple V-Ray versions plus Phoenix FD. So you can focus on your art without worrying about numerous licenses.

The essential V-Ray and Phoenix FD Toolkit

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Introducing the V-Ray Education Collection

The V-Ray Education Collection offers quick-and-easy access to a wide selection of products. It’s the ultimate toolset for learning and teaching 3D rendering and fluid simulation, allowing educational customers to focus on the artistic challenge — rather than worry about licenses. With one license, you get access to multiple products that you can switch between.

A perfect fit for anyone that’s using more than one host platform in their typical workflow, the V-Ray Education Collection allows users to optimize costs, and try a new workflow.

V-Ray Edu Collection

Products included

  • V-Ray 3ds Max
  • V-Ray Rhino
  • V-Ray Unreal
  • V-Ray Maya
  • V-Ray
  • V-Ray Houdini
  • V-Ray SketchUp
  • V-Ray Modo
  • V-Ray Cinema 4D
  • Phoenix 3ds Max
  • Phoenix Maya

Note: V-Ray for Nuke and V-Ray for Katana are not included in this collection. Additional render and simulation nodes, Pdplayer, and VRscans are also needed to be purchased separately.

Key Benefits

  • Quick-and-easy access — Switching between products is a breeze.
  • Simplified software and license management — No more managing multiple product licenses.
  • Greater value at a lower cost — A multi-product collection at a greatly discounted price.
  • Freedom and flexibility — Launching a new class, making changes to the curriculum or stepping into a new creative challenge is no longer the headache it used to be. The tools are available out of the box.
  • Mastering skills across platforms — No limits to exploring photorealistic rendering and fluid simulations with V-Ray and PhoenixFD across multiple host platforms.


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