V-Ray for Nuke Academic for Students and Educators

$154.00 $110.00 incl. GST for 1 year

Smarter, faster and more powerful rendering than ever before. 1 Year Term License.


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V-Ray for Nuke’s approach to lighting and compositing integrates production-quality ray traced rendering into Nuke and Nukex. V-Ray’s industry standard ray traced renderer inside Nuke’s industry standard compositing package gives artists the best of both worlds.

  • Quality: Top artists and studios use V-Ray every day to render world-class imagery and visual effects.
  • Power: V-Ray adds production-proven lighting, shading and rendering capabilities to Nuke’s powerful compositing toolset.
  • Speed: Save time by making look development decisions on the fly, and output final frames faster by rendering directly in post.
  • Creative Control: V-Ray for Nuke gives you full control over lighting, shadows, reflections and more – without any back and forth with 3D.
  • Smart Integration: V-Ray fits seamlessy into Nuke’s native, node-based workflow.
  • An Industry Standard: V-Ray’s Academy Award winning ray traced renderer in Nuke’s industry standard compositing application gives artists the best of both worlds.

Key Features:

  • Progressive rendering. Progressive rendering to help you fine-tune the look of your renders faster than ever. As you make adjustments to your scene, your rendering will update automatically, taking full advantage of your hardware — including GPU-acceleration.
  • Powerful Ray Traced Rendering. V-Ray for Nuke brings powerful adaptive ray traced rendering to any compositing pipeline. It’s the most full-featured rendering solution for Nuke, NukeX and Nuke Studio.
  • Node-Based Integration. With a full suite of advanced rendering tools and support for Nuke’s native features, V-Ray for Nuke is a natural evolution of the compositing workflow.
  • New hair workflows. For the first time, render complete 3D creatures and characters directly in Nuke. Import hair geometry using V-Ray proxy objects, and assign V-Ray Hair material for optimized shading. For even more control, use the new V-Ray Hair Sampler node with the V-Ray Ramp texture to add randomization and color variation.
  • Proxy Objects. Import and render memory-efficient proxy objects as Alembic or V-Ray mesh files.
  • Instancing with particles. Instance V-Ray proxy objects using Nuke particles.
  • V-Ray Volume Grid. Import and render volume simulations from applications like Houdini. Supports OpenVDB, Field3D and Phoenix FD files.

Education Policy

If you’re a student, educator or educational institution, you get pricing on V-Ray and all Chaos Group products. The educational version of V-Ray has all the same features as the commercial version, and you get access to all updates over the course of your license. You also get free technical support and additional training and learning resources to help you get started. Plus, educational institutions can benefit from volume and multi-product discounts.