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V-Ray for Nuke Rental

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V-Ray for Nuke Rental license can be purchased either monthly or annually.

$121.00 / month
$814.00 for 1 year
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V-Ray for Nuke’s approach to lighting and compositing integrates production-quality ray traced rendering into Nuke and Nukex. V-Ray’s industry standard ray traced renderer inside Nuke’s industry standard compositing package gives artists the best of both worlds.

  • Quality: Top artists and studios use V-Ray every day to render world-class imagery and visual effects.
  • Power: V-Ray adds production-proven lighting, shading and rendering capabilities to Nuke’s powerful compositing toolset.
  • Speed: Save time by making look development decisions on the fly, and output final frames faster by rendering directly in post.
  • Creative Control: V-Ray for Nuke gives you full control over lighting, shadows, reflections and more – without any back and forth with 3D.
  • Smart Integration: V-Ray fits seamlessy into Nuke’s native, node-based workflow.
  • An Industry Standard: V-Ray’s Academy Award winning ray traced renderer in Nuke’s industry standard compositing application gives artists the best of both worlds.

Key Features:

  • Progressive rendering. Progressive rendering to help you fine-tune the look of your renders faster than ever. As you make adjustments to your scene, your rendering will update automatically, taking full advantage of your hardware — including GPU-acceleration.
  • Powerful Ray Traced Rendering. V-Ray for Nuke brings powerful adaptive ray traced rendering to any compositing pipeline. It’s the most full-featured rendering solution for Nuke, NukeX and Nuke Studio.
  • Node-Based Integration. With a full suite of advanced rendering tools and support for Nuke’s native features, V-Ray for Nuke is a natural evolution of the compositing workflow.
  • New hair workflows. For the first time, render complete 3D creatures and characters directly in Nuke. Import hair geometry using V-Ray proxy objects, and assign V-Ray Hair material for optimized shading. For even more control, use the new V-Ray Hair Sampler node with the V-Ray Ramp texture to add randomization and color variation.
  • Proxy Objects. Import and render memory-efficient proxy objects as Alembic or V-Ray mesh files.
  • Instancing with particles. Instance V-Ray proxy objects using Nuke particles.
  • V-Ray Volume Grid. Import and render volume simulations from applications like Houdini. Supports OpenVDB, Field3D and Phoenix FD files.

Licensing Policy

V-Ray Next Workstation for Nuke license includes 1 GUI and 1 Render Node license.
V-Ray 3 Rental for Nuke licenses can be annual or monthly.


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