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The VRscans plugin is a tool to import and render scanned materials into V-Ray 3 for 3ds Max. In order to use VRscans, a client needs to have a V-Ray 3 for 3ds Max license and a VRscans workstation license. The VRscans workstation license consists of 1 graphic user interface (GUI) license + 1 render node.


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The VRscans service provides an ultra photo-realistic image from a scan based on a physical material such as fabric, leather, plastic, metal, wood or stone. The resulting scan in the .vrscans file format can be opened and imported using the VRscans plugin.

VRscans Interiors

Key Features

  • Ultra-photorealistic: While other products produce scans based on less than 100 images, every VRscan is created using 5,600 different images, resulting in unmatched photo-realistic quality. Images created by VRscans are often indistinguishable from the original sample.
  • Physically based accuracy: Materials are presented as they are. Resulting images are based on real data, not assumptions. The material goes beyond single-point BRDF capture and can faithfully represent the textured appearance of a large number of real-world surfaces using bidirectional texture function (BTF) approximation.
  • Easy to use: Simply drag and drop the material over a 3D model, set the lights and render.
  • Highly tileable: Scanned materials are created to be seamlessly tileable.
  • Customizable: In the current version of the VRscans plugin, some customization of material properties is possible. Future versions will enable additional material customization.
  • Time saving: The average time for creating a material is 8 man hours while the average time for creating a VRscans material is just 10 minutes.
  • V-Ray compatible: VRscans integrate with V-Ray, the leading 3D rendering tool for product, design and architectural visualization.

VRscans Exterior