Telestream Wirecast PRO

Wirecast Pro is the top of the line Wirecast offering. Designed with the most dedicated streamers in mind, Pro has all the features of Studio plus expanded inputs and audio capabilities, 7 simultaneous Wirecast Rendezvous guests, 3D virtual sets, PTZ camera control and much more.

Who is Wirecast Pro for?

If you want the best of the best, and have all the top tech already, Wirecast Pro is for you. From local sports games to worldwide, full production broadcasts, Wirecast Pro is the perfect partner for producing the best live streams around.



$450.00$1,608.00 AUD


Our Price $450.00$1,608.00 AUD

$1,608.00 AUD $1,447.20 AUD
$1,608.00 AUD $1,447.20 AUD
$671.00 AUD $603.90 AUD
$671.00 AUD $603.90 AUD
$450.00 AUD $405.00 AUD
$892.00 AUD $802.80 AUD


Our Price $450.00$1,608.00 AUD

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Item Code: P-TEL-WCPMPN: WC-PRM-MS01Brand: Telestream




The All-New Wirecast is Here!

Wirecast 14 is here! This is an epic release with a LOT of stability and reliability improvements, which we know is so important for live streaming! Additionally, we have several new features including an all-new Chroma Key with added Luma Key and Color Key options.

We’ve also focused on improving the experience of doing remote guest interviews by improving Rendezvous’ stability as well as adding more flexibility for what displays if your guest gets disconnected. These updates and new features make broadcasting easier and more reliable–whether you’re in a studio or at home.

Here’s a list of all the key features and improvements:

  • All new Chroma Key (with special guests Luma Key and Color Key)  
    • New options for more accurate keying, including spill suppression, edge coloring, and clipping ranges. Plus, we’ve added a Luma Key – useful if you have a logo with a white or black background you wish to remove, and Color key – useful for images (logos) that have non-black and non-white backgrounds).
  • Better, more reliable incoming video source connections 
    • Improved reliability for Wirecast Go, Rendezvous and webstream sources, plus efficiency improvements with GPU decoding for NDI sources.
  • Improved ability to size and scale sources 
    • We’ve added new options for sizing and scaling sources, making it easier to precisely resize your videos and images on the canvas. Plus, incoming sources are now scaled automatically, and will maintain their size based on settings you choose.
  • Text and font improvements 
    • Smoother text scrolling and a new font picker to select font variants

Wirecast Pro includes features such as:

Unlimited Capture

  • Unlimited inputs
  • 2 remote guests via Wirecast Rendezvous conferencing

Enhanced Production

  • 4096 x 3072 maximum project and encoding resolution
  • 5 Master Mixing layers
  • Integrated text, titles, Chroma Key and built-in transitions
  • Custom transitions, playlists
  • Advanced audio mixer
  • Social Media Intergration

Unlimited Destination Outputs

  • Unlimited output destinations + multiple simultaneous record-to-disks
  • Virtual camera and microphone output
  • 1-4 slot multi-viewer output

Advanced Unlimited Capture

  • 7 remote guests via Wirecast Rendezvous conferencing

Advanced Production

  • PTZ Camera Control
  • Pro Audio FX
  • Sports Production (instant replay, scoreboards)
  • Virtual Sets and backgrounds
  • NewBlue Titler Live Present

Advanced Unlimited Destination Outputs

  • Adds baseband SDI/HDMI output, NDI program out
  • 1-17 slot multi-viewer output
  • ISO Record of individual sources
  • Multi-track audio recording

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